A Drabble of a fanfiction

I am currently working on a hundred theme challenge on fanfiction.net. I thought I would share one of them here with you today. It is based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, one of my personal favorite fandoms. I have a fair few. But this will work for the first go. I got a number of other fictions either done or in the works. so far, they are either about the Turtles, Gargoyles, or Little Women.

I hope you like this peek into my fanfiction writing.

Breathe Again

Okay. One minute. I can feel the sweat running down my face as I worked at the contraption the enemy of the week set up to kill us. There was still a large tangle of wires and explosives in front of me. Fun.

Hmm, red wire. Check! Oh, good. No big boom. So far so good.

Next wire, let me think. why am I sweating anyway? I’m a turtle. Turtles don’t sweat. Black wire, check No boom. Keep going.

Fifty seconds. I wonder if I’m about to die? May I should just tell the others to make a run for it. Dang the sound-sensitive trigger! Um..there. Green wire, great. Still ticking, not so great. Five wires to go.

Forty seconds. Sewer apples! Um…I’m stuck here. Blue wire? Or green and blue? Which one is next! I really hope the guys don’t figure out I’m starting to guess now…blue! Come on, no time to hesitate, commit! Oh, thank you! Thank you, whatever God is out there! Okay, that makes the next wire easy. Green and blue. Wait a minute…twenty seconds! NO fair! No fair no fair!

Gah, just calm down. Wait, I don’t have time to calm down!Um…okay, focus then. Orange! Check. Whew. Three to go. Then I’m going to die either way. By boom or an aneurysm.

Okay, brown is next? Or is it the grey! Ahh! I can’t’ work with all this pressure! Ack! No time! Fifteen minutes! Errrrrr…..Grey….no, wait! Brown.

One more after the grey. Annnnd, Done! The bomb is completely defused. Nobody died in a massive explosion of flying limbs and innards today. I…I think I can breathe again. And I had better before I faint from stress and lack of oxygen. when did I start holding my breath anyway? And a whole seven seconds to spare. Maybe I might faint anyway. Or that Aneurysm is going to hit about now.

I smiled weakly, and announce, “Okay, and done.”

The smile turned wry when I heard Leo say confidently. “See? I told you Donnie had everything under control.”


Hello, again!

Hi, there friends. I just wanted to do a quick update here.
While I won’t be posting as much here as I would like, I want everyone to know that I am going to try to do NaBloPoMo at my other blog. It is on Blogger and is titled Bookworm Notes. I might do updates here too, and if I have some writing I am particularly proud of, I will post it here as the proper place for such things.

Thank you for reading this humble blurb, and I hope that more, and more substantial will soon be on its way.

Also, anyone else going after NaBloPoMo, hope it all goes well with you. Just keep plugging at it, and if real life happens, don’t sweat it. It’s just a silly challenge.