Youtube Spotlight! Books vs Movies by Bandgeek8408

First, I must give you a bit of background into Matt Guion’s channel.

He likes to make fictional clones of himself. There are a number of clone characters now, and they are in a rather complicated story that has yet to be fully resolved, but that I find wonderfully entertaining. And one of the most noteworthy clones is Matt Hatter.

Matt Hatter is supposed to, thanks to his hat of reason, be the more rational of the two in Books vs. Movies, able to see past the bias that plague Matt, later referred to as Regular Matt or just Reg. This bias is that books are alway, or at least almost always, are better than movies in every way. Matt Hatter is able to point out where movies are as good as and, dare I say it, even when they are better than books.

The debates between the two make for very entertaining watching, and the points that are brought up are often insightful and thought-provoking. I personally had not seen a bad book vs. movie review. As the seasons went on, there are three now if I remember correctly as of this writing, and the structure of the reviews became more theatrical in nature, the amusement factor went up as well.

Still, some of my favorites were in the first season, where they just talked to each other, and pointed out the various pluses and minuses of the books in relations to the best-known movie adaptation of that book. My personal favorite was A Christmas Carol. Do I need to say why? It’s A Christmas Carol! And I would not dare give anything away by telling you one word more about it. You just have to check it out some Christmas day.

I would give this series a worth keeping an eye on. And pray that he would make another someday. But there is a serious plot twist recently, so we would just have to wait and see what Matt will have for us in the months ahead. I mean, seriously, the man is super busy in real life now. So be patient.

Enjoy, and have a happy wordy-nerdy day!


Severus Snape and The Marauders: Review

Severus Snape and the Marauders


Severus Snape and the Marauders is a fan-made movie, so it was not cannon or anything. It was posted on Broad Strokes, written and directed by Justin Zagri. And I will try to avoid spoilers so I won’t get in a lot of depth here. But that being said, I loved this!

It was about how the Marauders met up with Snape at a pub shortly after their graduation. There is unease because he who must not be named was starting to stir up some serious trouble. But James was more worried about keeping Snape from Lily.

The fight scene was spectacular. Each actor played their parts very well indeed. And every moment was simply brilliant. I did not expect this amount of quality from a fan-made movie like this. Very much worth watching. Please treat yourself to this short film as soon as you can!