Little Men (1940)

Little Men (1940)


An interesting take, to say the least, The movie, Little men, was made in the nineteen forties and was loosely based on the book of the same name by Louisa May Alcott. And when I say loosely, I really mean loosely. The movie was written by Jim Beaver. It was directed by Norman Z. McLeod, and included such actors as Kay Francis(Jo), Jack Oakie(Willie), George Bancroft(Major) and Jimmy Lydon(Dan).

It follows a con man, Major Burdle, and a thief, Willie the Fox, as they try to learn to live clean lives for the sake of the con’s adopted son, Dan. The Blais in the meantime, are threatened with losing Plumfield and take in Dan to be taught because the board of education demanded he is put into school.

And there you have a number of problems right away. They re-wrote almost everything in the whole book. Most of the characters from the book are glossed over, the ones that are not are not portrayed very well. And forget the fact that Plumfield was left to Jo in the will of Aunt March, and is therefore owned by the Blairs!

But if you forget what the movie is said to be based on and treat its own thing, it’s okay. It is definately funny, as the crooks add a lot of humor and pathos to the story. And I really liked Jo and the Proffessor in this. Dan is a little off, but acceptable over all.  Nan is fun, and is the closes to her book portrayal, though too old.

Overall, a cute movie and I give it a worth watching.


Book Review- The Louisa May Alcott Cookbook

Book Review


The Louisa May Alcott Cookbook


It is hard to believe that a child wrote this, but it is definitely the truth. When Gretchen Anderson was nine, she began adapting recipes for the food mentioned in Little Women, and Little Men. It is an ambitious project, but one she done with skill, from what I have read.


There are many favorites in here, such as apple pie, gingerbread, and omelets. Most of the stories and excerpts before the recipes are fun to read, and the recipes themselves are clear and easy to read. The art is great. Karen Milone has a deft touch with creating truly great work that brings out a nostalgic beauty in everyday acts.


However I had found some inaccuracies, easily brushed aside when you recall the age of the author and cook. However, I found it limiting that only two books, three if you count Jo’s Boys, was represented in a book claiming to be about Alcott’s work. But I don’t mind so much, as it is giving me an idea for an updated version!
This is a great cookbook for anyone just learning, or want to do something with a Little women theme in mind. It is witty, and the art by Karen Milone is perfect for it. Check out a copy for yourself, and prepare to make some tasty ‘Little Women’ inspired food.

Art Work

Hello again. I just wanted to share another passion of mine real quick. My art. This is only two of my works, and though I am not as happy with them as I could be, I learned that I am often a poor judge of my art. I hope you like them. Let me know what you think.



This sad-eyed girl was inspired by a game I once played. I like some of how she came out. I was trying something new with her, combining marker with colored pencil.

fieryfaevintageThis fiery lady was all marker, and I still don’t like her nose or mouth. I give it a pass, however, because I was trying to make her otherworldly. And that certainly came across, at least.

New poems

Wrote them as a challenge, but thought I will share them and get some feedback. I’ll also post them on facebook. And maybe share them on Enjoy!


Poetry comes fully formed
Born perfect and whole
An idea carefully transformed
Diamond-hard pressured out of coal
Poetry comes fully formed
But hard work makes it whole



nature humbles man
best though man may plan
they come to nothing
the rage of a storm
humbles proud human
he remembers he is small
staring at the wall of rain
rain and wind and rage
into the unblinking eye
spies no mercy in it


I am currently working on a new project, but I want to know something first. Is anyone interested in living like a hobbit? Is this something you will want to read> Post your comments on facebook. E-mail me at Let me know what you think about the idea. Anyways to make it better? Scrap it? Well, not the last.

Let me know, and aid in the blind floundering of a writer getting a manuscript off the ground!

Live it before you write it

Live it before you write it


Ever had an idea tickle your brain? Is it dying to get out and on paper? How can you get it to come out with power and conviction? If it’s fiction or something you are writing just to amuse, then grab that paper or keyboard and get on it. But if it’s meant to help motivate someone to do something or change something or anything like that, then live it before you write it.


What does that mean? Well, at first, I didn’t know either. I thought a good idea can just be brainstormed and written down. Easy peasy, eggs and cheesy. With bacon. And grits. Mmmm, grits. Sorry, I’m back. Well, now I know that in other to really know what you are talking about, then live the advice before you write about it.


Want to write about a new diet or lifestyle change, then try it out. Live it for a week or two at least, then you can write about it with a strong body of experience behind your words. And you will write them with compassion as well. It is easy to get critical and self-righteous from a body of data that you agree with. But if you had bitten into the burger of experience, then you are far more understanding of the possible difficulties and rewards that subject can give.


You want to get someone to do something new. Anything new. That person is far more likely to follow your footsteps if they realize that you already been down that trail before. Nobody wants to follow a blind guide. They want someone who has experience and can keep them safe from possible pitfalls. While everyone will have their own struggles as they go down their own journey, having a rough idea of what to expect will help your reader trust that you got their backs.


Lastly, living out what you want to advise or write about enriches your own life. Who wants to let life pass by? Who wants to look up from your writing and realize that a would of experience and adventure had just passed you by? Nobody wants to live only in their head. Trust me, I tried. It is not fun. So live a little. Go on adventures. Dare to push your limits a bit. Challenge your fears a bit. Don’t worry, you can write about it later. In fact, your work will thank you for it by being more insightful, varied and verbose than it would have been otherwise.
Now, if you excuse me. I have to go back to practice what I preach.