a few Youtube selections

Here is a new (to me) Vlogger who is now participating in VEDS. That is vlogging, or videos every day in September. And here he is talking about a topic near and dear to my heart. Jeffery Guion with the channel, Jeffery Guion. ^_^



Another VEDS vlogger, and in fact the only one that did VEDS every year since its beginning, posted about the podcast he and Mat Guion make. Check it out. It is fun.


Lastly, I put up a song that really resonated┬áwith me. Yeah, I had to deal with this kind of thing. And being this random. Also, it is a fun song, that ends on a surprisingly triumphant not. Oh, and I love those deep notes. ­čśŤ



An Awkward Post

Well, I had obviously not been following my schedule┬álike I planned. I am sorry. I had a lot of things going wrong this summer, including a heat wave! Heat waves are evil. I found out that when temperatures go past a certain point, my brain goes into hibernation. This made me sad. Nothing creative came out of my brain in the last two month. But on the up side, I been reading on a fairly steady clip, so as soon as I settle down to the task, I should have plenty of reviews, and finished the first season to a theme I wanted to review for this month! YAY!!! So…kinda productive??

Anyway, I will most likely get back in gear this Thursday/Wednesday. Expect a post no later than then, and have an awesome day!