A word, a ramble scramble word.

I was reading a post from “Alcott is my Passion”. First off, this is book news. Her novel, A Little Woman In Blue, Come out Sept. 15! New Books are the best!

Also, It is refreshing to hear about a project involving the Alcott family that is not about Louisa. I was always curious about May, and will be looking over this book. I’ll probably have to wait longer, for it to be found in a library. But I will be looking for it! Maybe I’ll be able to skim it in a bookstore?
I just know that she would do a great job here. Check out her blog and find out for yourself.

On a more personal note. I hit a bit of a busy time, and won’t have time to post as much. Before I would forget to write and just leave you hanging. But this time, I am trying to learn to be more considerate. I might be able to post something short tomorrow, but no promises after that.

Have a blessed day!


Balancing Passion and Responsibility

I won’t tell how to do this. I still am working on it. And have not gotten very far, I fear. It is hard. When you feel like you are meant to do one thing, yet society tells you your priorities should me be something else entirely. I, like Jo, can ‘sink into a vortex’ when I get into my writing, and almost seeme to need nothing from the outside when I am hard at work. However, I can’t stay long in that ‘vortex’, and I feel that if Jo was in our world, she would have a hard time getting any work done, since the family was poor and she would be most likely encouraged to have two or three jobs.

I currently have two jobs, and hopefully will be starting school again. I am looking for a better job, and of course I have chores, the evil necessity of paperwork, and the vital work of church and religious life. And I want to be a writer and artist. No, let me rephrase that. I need to create. It hurts if I don’t for too long. But real life fights with my inner creative life, and neither alow me much peace.

I feel as though I am doomed no matter which road I go on. So let me put the question out to you readers. How do you balance your lifelong passion, with the responsibilities you currently face. Let me know in comments, or e-mail me at greymountain37@gmail.com

What would it look like?

This is just a little something I wanted to share. A poem I wrote some time ago. It’s fitting for a Sunday. Even more so for an actual Sunday from work!! I wrote it one day at work, during a slow spell. And yea, it’s easy to see where my thoughts were that day. ^_^ Hope you all like it.

What would it look like, by A. Harrison

What would it look like

What would you do

If Jesus came down

To hang out with you

What would you look like

What would you do

With Jesus so close by

If his eye was on you

Would you act differently

Would you talk the same

If Jesus walked to you

Called you by name

What would it look like

What would you do

If Jesus came down

Stood right beside you


It is often hard to deal with problems that come from outside of your control. It is harder to deal with failure caused by your faults and sins. It is hardest to deal with when both conspired to make a perfect storm of a bad week. This last week had been like that. I have failed and have failed epically.

I should not have spent so much time writing when I should have been doing more important things. I should not have spent time playing when I was stressed, even though I was stressed. I should have pushed through. If I had, I would have been pleased and proud, not miserable and ashamed. Please, God. Grant me the victory over my lack of self-control!

I struck ink!

I have had a really good, non-nanowrimo day of writing. Like, one of my best! And this in the face of moving the last of my stuff from my room to, well, my room. I don’t know what would happen in the future. But I know it won’t be what I want it to be without hard work. More days like today, and I will have a finished book in my hand someday.


Hello! I been away for a few days, because I had no real plan for two blogs, and was trying to figure out how best to put them both to good use. Finally, I decided to use common sense. This blog is obviously intended for writing, so I will use it for my story samples, for random poems and essays, and writing news/thoughts.

My other blog, Bookworm Notes will be used for book reviews, book news, and anything else that is simply booktastic. And if I ever get some of my writing published, it will be posted on both. Oh, dare to dream.

So, that’s all I have for this post. Will try to post again later today, and will try to post in one or the other, every other day, since I am still pretty new to this, and want to learn all I can on the side about the art of blogging.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day!

Hello again.

This is a very belated post for my nanowrimo attempt last year. Well, let me put it to you this way. After three years of half-hearted attempts at reaching 50,000 words, last year I managed to accomplish it! YAY! Go me! Woot!

I am currently in the process of re-writing it. Here is a couple of pages that I already posted on my new blog. Enjoy.

“Cathy…if your wasting my time right now…” Mary warned, as she bashfully gazed at Jason’s and back at her friend’s expectant face.
“Relax will you!” Cathy retorted, none of the excitement dimming from her face or eyes at Mary’s obvious scepticism. “She’s a new neighbor. I really like her, And I know you will too!”
She laughed, and added, pulling Mary into the ice cream parlour. “Come on! You know how picky I am! If I say she’s great, then you’ll think she’s awesome.”
“Do you really think I have so little critical judgement?”

“Oh, stop. Your seriously overthinking this.”

“Fine, whatever.”
“Whatever yourself. One day, I am going to strike that word from your vocab. I am, like, so serious. As serious as the grave even.”
Mary opened her mouth to retort that like was as bad if not worse than whatever, when she saw they were nearly where the two friends were. Charlotte was standing across from a stranger. And she was talking with her. Easily. Mary felt a shiver start at the top of her head and travel down her spine to the heels of her feet. But before she could work herself into a real panic, Cathy had pulled them over, and announced with a flourish. “Here I am, now we can party.”
“Whoo, party!!” The stranger giggled, her sparkling blue eyes turning toward us. There was an air of joy about them that already had many warm up toward her. A little anyway.

Cathy’s eyes widened, and Mary groaned. She forgot that Cathy and Charlotte hadn’t met yet.

Cathy’s eyes flashed, as she took in Charlotte at a glance. “Who’s the big kid?”

“Cathy, meet Charlotte. Charlotte, this is Cathy.” Mary said in her slow, shy way. “Charlotte this is the girl I told you about that is the star of the team.”

Charlotte smiled a tiny smile and nodded, as she couldn’t shake hands with a potted plant to carry. My praise must have warmed Cathy, and she grinned back infectiously. “Well, I guess it’s fair, since I got a good’un for you to meet, and this is a good’un for me to meet? What’s the plant for? How did an older kid like you become friends with this little kid? Ah well, you can answer later.” Waving off Charlotte, who had opened her mouth as though about to answer. “Come on, I got a great table, and don’t want to lose it!”

The three followed her to the table, a nice corner booth. Charlotte flashed Cathy a quick warm smile. “Wow, you have a real knack for finding good tables.” She praised, as she shifted the large plant from one hip to the other.
“It’s a gift.” Cathy shrugged without a shred modesty.

“Um, right.” Charlotte’s smile faltered a shade. Pleading a moment, she walked herself and her plant to the owner of the shop, and began conversing.

O.O I’m still alive?!

Holy cow, I thought this blog was deleted! I guess I just forgot which blog site I used for my first one last year. This is the kind of writer I am, I guess. Well. welladay. Guess I wend from having no blogs to having two all in one day! Forgive the rushed, and somewhat incoherent quality of this post. I was just so surprised and so, well, glad that I had to write something down. So the site can ‘live’ again. YAY!