A Poem

I hope you like this. It is an attempt at a none-rhyming more modern style.


I sat and ate on a park bench

sun and shadow dancing overhead

I was daydreaming as I chewed

when movement turned my gaze outward.

A passing blackbird caught my eye

as he pranced along an invisible path

his quick movements caused me to smile

A passing whim cause me to toss a crumb

I watched it jump back with a start

then leap forward with greed avidity

Several fragments followed the fist

As I passed a contented lunch

by giving some of it away


Mother’s Day

What is a Mother?

Well in the strictest sense of the word, it is someone who gave birth to a child. But it is more than that. It is a woman who dedicates a good deal of their lives to the care, instruction and general upbringing of their child/children. It is a person who had to grow up and mature at a suddenly accelerated pace, because if they are not appropriately mature enough to take care of the helpless lifeform that is a very young human, then they would have to deal with the repercussions of their immaturity.
A mother learns to think of others first to make those others safe and sound. To make the  little people under there care to somehow have a better life than they did. In the end, for both Mothers and Fathers, the purest motive of parents is just that. It is to make sure that they have a better life than the parents did. They want to make sure that through their children, the lives of that generation and those afterward would be better than the current one and the ones beforehand.
In the end, A mother is a saint in training. Or the very best are. While it is true that a lot of women who merely gave birth are called Mothers, I personally have a higher standard. I think only real mothers are worthy of the title. they do not have to be perfect. They do however do their best.
Take my own Mother. She is a hasty person. And told me herself that she is not the most patient person. She had to deal with a lot in her life. And she did not always react under pressure the best. But she always did her best with what she had. She loved the three of us to the best of her abilities. She gave her time, effort and just everything in our upbringing. She did not even have to take me in! I was adopted. She had, with Dad, chosen to take me in when I was small and weak and my future was very uncertain. If they hadn’t taken me in, I most likely would have died. So I won’t lie. I owe everything to my parents, and I am not ashamed to say it.
So that is my thoughts on the subject of Mothers.  I hope you find this helpful or at least coherent.
Thank you for reading this and remember. We all have to grow up and look after others sooner or later. Mothers just tend to be ahead of the curve.

New art. Meet Applebrush

I had finally created a piece of art that, even though it was only a rough sketch, I am willing to share.

Meet Applebrush. She is my OC character for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
She is a member of the Apple Family, Aunt to Apple Jack, Big Mac, Apple Bloom and many others. And Granny Smith is an Aunt of her’s.

She is a daughter of Apple Strudel, and sister to her older brother, Apple Branch.

Their farm had been going downhill for the last ten years as Apple Strudel grew older, and to help make ends meet, the family had turned their farmhouse into a bed and breakfast, called the Cozy Corner Grove. It is starting to get noticed and she now has a few regular customers who come several times a year for health reasons or just a few days of rest and relaxation.

She had to be clever because of her own health issues. She was born with a heart defect and cannot work as hard as many of her family members. She keeps up with the housework, is a confirmed bookworm, and a small-time artist and book reviewer.


Thank you and have a good day.

A peek at a Fanfiction Project

I’m working on yet another project. This one involving the rebooted Duck Tales! the many emotional states of….fill in the blank 🙂 Enjoy


Dead Uncle Scrooge

ACK! What do ye want to see me dead for, you accursed, morbid vultures! Now stop wasting me time and go out! Get lost! Do something productive with yer time fer once, you great pack o deadbeats!


What? I didn’t say this was a long sample…

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyle and Mr. Hyde

Ever allowed hype to affect your opinion on something. I have. It kept me from reading a book titled The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyle and Mr. Hyde. You see, I tend to avoid the horror genre because I frankly cannot handle being but so scared. I have still only read maybe two Steven King novels. No, three. They were The Green Mile, The Stand, and It. I will save my thoughts on them for their own blogs. I will only say one I read and will read multiple times, One I might read one more time, maybe two, and the last I will only read to refresh myself so I can write a review by and by, but never again.

Well, when I say that the take I am reviewing now did not live up to the hype, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It was not nearly so scary as I feared it would be. It was, to be honest, also not as good as I hoped it would be. I’m afraid I found it a bit prosy, a bit slow. But there were some great bits of suspense in it, and the mystery was engaging. Plus I found myself getting interested in the lives of the people in it. The ending was completely satisfying, and if I read it again, it will be for that.

I give it a solid worth re-reading. Enjoy this short, suspenseful read and let me know what you think of it. As Dr.Wolf would say, I look forward to hearing from you

Epic Book Vids!

Who me? No…No, No, No, No. I never, ever had this problem when I travel…Hey, what do you mean my nose is longer! ^_^”

Think if I start a patreon, I’ll end up being able to afford a nook? J/K! I’ll never start one JUST for a nook! Being able to afford to eat and show take higher priority…


All joking aside, this series is plain fun to watch. They are super short, and show off the many trials and tribulations of the daily garden-variety book nerd very well. Almost like…they are a book nerd. Or something. Oh, the horror!

You have 3-4 minutes to kill on Monday afternoon/evening, and either want to laugh at yourself for the book nerdy self you recognize so well, or laugh at the book nerds like me who are showcased in these charming videos, able over to Epic Read and give them a watch!



Eye-portal of soul
mirror of heart
window into hidden working
within hidden mind

Eye-reflector if life
sparker of conflict
holder of secrets
unwillingly shared

Eye-broken yet whole
a universe minuscule
a fire barely checked
one spark from raging
a comforting glow
a raging wrath
only the owner can say



I sing the song

I sing the song of God
With Every moment, I live
Each and every thought I have
Is a thought to him, I give

I sing the song of God
To him, I give sweet praise
To him do I lift my voice
To him my hands I raise

I am the song of God
To him, I lift my hands
I live a song of praise to him
Joining an increasing band



A TED Video

Hello everybody.

I stumbled on a video on TED. It was about this black man who went undercover into the Alt. Right-wing online. And he discovered some amazing truths. And when I heard what he had to say, it moved me to the core of my being.

It was what I always wanted to say, whenever race or sex or whatever came up and didn’t have the words to say. So I want to share this man’s story with you. And I hope that each of you will watch the talk with an open mind. Thank you.


It is official

It is official. I am unable to follow through on anything. But still, I will maintain this blog, such as it is, to the very best of my ability. If for no other reason, than I think that I might be able to help yet. I don’t know how, when there don’t seem to be that many people reading yet. But I learned I do not care if anyone reads this or not. Creating the posts themselves is really fun for me! And even if I don’t post as often as I feel I should, I post as often as I feel I need to.

Maybe I will never be that good at blogging. Maybe I will never be popular. Maybe I would never be regular or post anything interesting to others, or maybe I will. But I won’t try it, except to try to make myself happy with writing to the best that I know I can write. In the end, that is all I can do.

If others like that, then well and good. If nobody likes it, that is fine too. The point is I am stepping closer to the writer I want to be, with the practice I put in by writing for this blog. And that is enough for me. And if I help others learn to see something new, or learn to see themselves as special and worthwhile in their own way, then that is some sweet frosting on the cake!!

Twelve Days of Christmas!

An old tradition dated back to 1780, or roundabout, when Christmas was spread out longer than one day. And the song is about as old. And it is one of my favorite songs.  So I had to focus a blog post on it! Here are some versions of it. Please enjoy it!

The first one is my personal favorite now. Because Pinkie Pie sings it! So expect it to be…different.

The first one is my favorite of the two, but the second makes me laugh and shows some real remix talent among the fanbase.


The traditional version. And you know. Bing Cosby. Had to do it.



Lastly, for laughs. Um, yeah. Jeff Foxworthy. Because this is a wonderful way to poke fun at my family and friends :p Kidding guys! Just kidding! But I still love it because I did grow up hearing it every single year!