Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope your day is full of thankfulness and turkey. Or your preferred roast beast/veggie meat option. ^_^

I found a bit of a treat for my bookish friends. A list of books and stories focusing on either Thanksgiving or foodie stories. I hope you enjoy this with your meal.


I failed again.

Well, I didn’t want to write this, but I failed Nanowrimo. Again. This time I was thrown out of it when I wrecked my car. And I have never been behind the wheel of that before. It was so bad. 
I just lost my focus. And by the time that was for the most part over, I just never got back in momentum. It was understandable, I guess. And at least I have almost 20,000 words to my name. And to the name of Solaria, my world I had been working on in my head for at least a decade. And now I finally have some of it written out. I may not win Nano with this, but I will keep writing this novel in the next month. Next month, my writing goal is 25,000 words.

Readathon News

I am belatedly announcing my participation in a readathon that is running right now. It is the Christmas Spirit Readathon. The shorter one runs from Nov. 19-Dec. 2, but the reading challenge goes until Jan. 6. I think I will participate in both because of CHRISTMAS!!!



So far, I have read the following…

Kate’s Choice

What Love Can Do

Gwen’s Adventures in the Snow

All three was written by Louisa May Alcott, and were short stories. I am not done with her yet! Or short stories, as that will be my main focus this challenge. I often neglect them for novels, and that is a great shame because the are often so very good!

The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson, a famous short story, and one I read every Christmas.

I am currently reading…

Little Women by LMA

To Light a Candle by Mercedes Lackey. This is not a christmas themed book, but it has a LOT of winter in it, and I just really wanted to read it. I might just go back and read the whole trilogy. Again. I am kind of in love with it.

I gave up on reading lists, for the most part, I never seem to be able to stick to it. The only one that I am even attempting is the 1,001 Books you must read before you die list, as that one is just so very long that I am using it more as a guide to steer by so that I will end up reading the books people agree are the best of literature. Sooner or later. One day I will post how many I got through on that list so far.


November 17, 2014. That was when I wrote my very first blog post for this blog. And clearly, I was doing this without Grammarly. Oh, the bad writing.

And sadly, I don’t think I got much better, but consider how often I wrote a post. I guess it’s like weight loss. Only backwards. The amount of word skill you take in is only equal to the number of words you put out. Or something like that. Sorry, just came from a science kick, and my brain is still trying to think along those lines. See what happens when I get curious?

But, even with the less than the stellar number of posts for the years I have been writing, this is a pretty neat feat! I started in November 2014, and it is now November 2018. Four years. Four years of daring to put my work out there, struggling against self-doubt, laziness, and learning to improve my writing. There are even some good posts here.

And many of my readers have been here for three years or more. That is incredible! Thank you for following me. I would never have stuck with it if it were not for you. Thak you. And a question. What would you like me to do to celebrate? Leave a comment, post on Facebook, write an e-mail. Let me know. Or visit my Pateon account. 😛 Yeap, #shamelessplugging

So for now, here is the very first blog post of The Ink Splattered Desk! YAY!



A nanowrimo post

Day 16, and I currently am 35,000 words strong, give or take ten. I also have at least one fanfiction idea, and started a fanfiction for the turtles, that is an additional 2,500 words. November is becoming my favorite month of the year, for I feel free to write and create, without excuse. I have ideas for other books, lots of other books, and I’m going to spend some of the last half of the month outlining them, both fiction, christian non-fiction and christian fiction!

Also, this happens to be my very first post for this blog. I didn’t want to start it with the obligatory Hello Internet, I’m Blank. But I have no problem acknowledging the fact, at the end. Hello Internet, I’m the ink splattered writer. Cowabunga, Dude!


Guess what that time is…..

That’s right!

It is NaNoWriMo!!! And I am already over three thousand words strong into my novel. And later today, I will put up my first posting of the day’s words properly. I will do this every day to keep myself motivated and accountable. Just….dodon’t expect it to make that much sense. This is a first manuscript after all.


And here is a video of Matt’s from Bandgeek8408. It is an oldie but a goodie. And it motivates me to keep going when I don’t want to. HOw about you? Anyone participating this year? And if you are, what are some motivations you have to get started? What is your word count so far? And if you don’t participate in NaNo, what is a major goal that you would like to meet?