Carrot Dogs

Care to eat like a true Manehatan Pony? Then how about a carrot dog?

Ponies in the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, are often seen eating this treat. And now, thanks to this video I found from Tasty, so can you!

I been enjoying the videos on the youtube channel Tasty for a while now. And will probably rate it soon. But first, here is something fun for my friends, bronies/pegasisters or not. Let me know what you think.



Just a little comment I made on Youtube…

Okay, this one is going to take some explaining to do. I was watching a youtube video, that was showing the five deadliest roller coasters designed by some game called Planet Coaster. Here it is.

And to put it in perspective. Number three is the Euthanasia Coaster, designed specifically to kill the riders. If that is number three on the list, you can imagine how twisted one and two are going to be!

And one of the comments was someone asking how the coasters could possibly kill you. And you know something? That made me wonder the same thing. So I decided to write an answer down, using the miracle that is Google to better understand and explain the concept myself. Now I have a headache. Thank you curiosity. Of course, some of that might have come from just watching the video. Those last two coasters, whew. Just watching the video showing what they would be like if someone was crazy enough to build it made my head swim! I still feel funny, like I want to grab my head to keep it from getting more whiplash or something.

And well, I realized that I didn’t know anything about why a coaster worked in the first place and found this site. Really, it explained everything in a way even I understood. So check it out if you want to know the workings of one of the most popular rides you’ll find in an amusement park.



“It’s all in the gs. Past a certain point without training is impossible. With training, you can take more. But even with training, anything past 7-8 is killable. Hey, look at me. A science noob about to sound smart. 😛 Or trying to. Now bear with me, because this is a big idea, and I am not a scientist. Just a writer with noo much curiosity for her own good.

First off, what is a G of force? Well, actually there are two kinds. Big G is what Newton called the constant approximately 6.67 x 10-11 N * m2 / kg2. The little m is the mass of the object and the little g is the g-force or the amount of acceleration caused by gravity. The little m is the mass of the object and the little r is the radius of the object.

So, if I’m understanding this right, one g is a person standing at sea level. They weight about what you expect and there is no speed pressing on them. Just a normal person standing in place. Well, technically, G-force stands for either the force of gravity on a particular extraterrestrial body or the force of acceleration anywhere. It is measured in g’s, where 1 g is equal to the force of gravity at the Earth’s surface, which is 9.8 meters per second per second. But that is just being picky. 😛 And to really understand it, you have to figure out Newtons which would look something like this. One g is the acceleration due to gravity at the Earth’s surface and is the standard gravity (symbol: gn), defined as9.80665 metres per second squared, or equivalently 9.80665 newtons of force per kilogram of mass.

Seriously, why did I even bother to try to understand this again? I need pain meds for my headache that’s forming. Again. Curiosity leads to headaches, people. Headaches!

A person that goes from 0 to 60 will hit roughly about 1.55 gs of force. Think about it. Ever did that 0 to 60 jump car commercials are always going on about? That will make your head swim, and you lose your bearing for a few seconds. And that is only 1.55 g’s pressing on you.

Let’s put this into perspective. An average astronaut during launch withstands 3 Gs of force. Nascar drivers also experience up to three Gs of force when they drive. And that is during the turns. Mad props for tough red necks, am I right? Most roller coasters, you will experience 4-5 Gs. And there are plenty of people who pass out during the ride.

Number three, the Euthanasia Coaster, is designed to deliver a constant 10 Gs for over a minute, cause the blood to rush to your feet and starving the brain of much-needed oxygen. Hence the name. It was made to kill you. It is technically survivable, but only if you get the blood back to the brain immediately after.

Two and one, I didn’t catch the name, looks like they took the concept behind number three and gave it crack. Number one looked like they gave it crack, speed and some kind of future super drug for good measure! Geesh!
Seriously, I would hate to be the guy to clean up after the ride. O.o The therapy bills alone!

And here we have tracked the cause of the end of the earth. It’s all the super nut jobs created from the terror coasters people dared each other to build that will kill people off by the hundreds of thousands, and someone had to deal with the bodies.

O.O I think I just delivered plot bunnies, everyone. Clear the way for the horror plot bunnies!! Also, I think I ended up writing way too much here. Let me throw this on my blog, and call it a day. See, I’m smart. I know how to use google search and everything. ;)”

Ready Player One. A Book Review



“In the year 2045, reality is an ugly place. The only time Wade Watts really feels alive is when he’s jacked up into the OASIS, a vast virtual world where most of humanity spends their days.

When the eccentric creator of the OASIS dies, he leaves behind a series of fiendish puzzles, based on his obsession with the pop culture of decades past. Whoever is first to solve them will inherit his fast fortune-and control of the OASIS itself.

Then Wade cracks the first clue. Suddenly he’s beset by rivals who’ll kill to take this prize. The race is on—and the only way to survive is to win.”

This is the premise of the book, Ready Player One, which was written by Ernest Cline. It is also, I think one of the best sci-fi novels that ever came out. It is especially wonderful if you are an eighties kid like me, steeped in wonderful pop culture references and subtle and not so subtle pokes at the nerds and geeks that love and obsess over them.

It is also a pretty great social commentary. It gives us a picture of what our world could look like, as we start to show many of the problems that the book shows such as severe famine, joblessness, poverty, crime and the troubles that come with gaming addiction. And all of it tied to a gripping adventure/mystery that will literally have you on the edge of your seat the whole way. I found myself deeply empathizing with the main character, Wade Watts, who was blessed/cursed with his mane because his desired father thought it made him sound like a superhero. Let’s face it, Wade was doomed from birth to be a geek/nerd.

His surroundings in what the book described ‘the stacks’ only made that obsession more understandable and even relatable.
Wade is a really dynamic character, who could have easily suffered from the male equivalent of mary sue, but was prevented from this dire fate by his relatable flaws, and contradictions. And I think many geek/nerds would be able to relate to a character like him because, while trying not to sound like a stereotype, he manages to encompass the trials and tribulations (Star Trek Reference here…because I can) that many who are called a nerd and/or geek go through.

What can I say. The story is engaging, the twists and turns are amazing, the characters are wonderfull and the whole experience is a delight. I recommend it to all readers, but especially those who remember the eighties/nineties. Or are a fan of the culture that was a big deal in those decades.

Now, I’m back to reading this book for the second time. Or is it the third. I lost count.

Have a lovely day! And keep creating.



Looking ahead

I have plans. Oh yes, I have plans for the future.


First, I am going to go back from the very beginning of My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic, and I am going to review the episodes. I feel like the pressure is off on this, because there are so many reviews out there, with so many different perspectives and spins, that there is no way that mine can be that notable, so I won’t even try. I will only write my thoughts out as clearly and entertainingly as possible. And if people like them and want to read on, then so much the better. And anyway, I need the practice. And a bonus. Still obsessed! So there is that.

I am also going to go down the list of Bronies and going to rate them and their content. This would include voice-overs, reviews, animation, fanfiction, the whole shebang. And let me warn you here and now. There is a LOT of content out there! It is a very deep sea we are about to plunge in so I suggest you bring along your favorite snorkel and/or flotation device.

Lastly, I will go back to my first love. Books. Namely reviewing books. I have been reading a fair bit. And one of the book-based projects I am hoping to tackle is one near and dear to my heart. I will go through the Hardy Boy Casefiles from #1 onward. And that is a lot of books. Because if that, I think I will keep the reviews to a few hundred words and put them out about once a week or so. The number is pretty excessive, but I think it would be manageable because the storylines are fairly similar to each other.

And I might do the same with star trek novels. Not sure on that one though.

And I believe that is enough projects for the moment. I have a few things I do want to tackle, such as actually learning how to scan art with a scanner, and maybe even buy a microphone! Dum dum dum!!! Because I have not let go of the idea of starting a vlog. Or doing readings of short stories, poems, and fanfiction, and maybe even learning animation. But those are a ways away yet. And require a whole bunch of 30 seconds of courage. Honestly, I break out in a sweat every time I even think of putting myself on camera. ” God didn’t give me a spirit of timidity, but one of courage.” And I will cling to that verse even if it kills me!

So until my next post, I’m taking off. Byeeee!

Update. Again.

Well, I did it again. I jumped projects during my Camp Nanowrimo month. Again. And I had just tackled it in a major way.

Let me set the stage. I have gotten interested in a series from Josh Scorcher, really two of them. Both of the series are really good, by the way. They both are D&D campaigns and both the stories and the characters in them are really interesting. And it is so much fun listening to the interplay between the people as they play out the games. And I have some real favorite characters in each of them.

I won’t give away any spoilers. But I was playing with the idea of novelizing one of the streams for a few installations for a week or so now. My other projects suffered because of it. But then something happened in one of the installations that pushed me to a real drive. I had a real fire under me today and had written/edited for the last several hours to get this segment right. I admit that I worry that this event, which I admit was devastatingly sad, got me to get so focused on this is really troubling. But I’ll admit that one of the first rules of writing is that if it makes you feel the emotions you are trying to write, then your readers will feel them too.

Of course, that might also be because of the wonderful roleplaying ability of the various players who are portraying the characters.

Here is a link to that one.


Here is the link for the start of the other campaign, which is wonderful.

So anyway, This is what I have to report. I am working on a new project, but I won’t completely shelf the others. Even though one I gave away, and regretted afterward since I really don’t care for it when I looked at it afterward. Still, he said it was interesting, so I take hope that he had at least been slightly amused by it.


And until I see you again, take care, and keep creating!


I have a confession to make. I almost gave up on this blog.

That’s right. I came close to chucking it and walking away. And I’m still not sure if sticking with it is a good move or not.

See, here is the deal. Nothing I wrote seemed very good. Even what I ended up giving away was not my best and I knew it. I have tons of ideas still, but I just could not bring them to fruition in a way that I was happy with at all. And if you know me in real time, you know I do not have very much stick-to-itiveness. I give up at the first sign of difficulty. It’s my laziness coupled with perfectionism, I think. try figuring out how that is possible.

Still, I will stick with this for a bit yet. And I hope those who find my little corner of the internet is going to be amused by my continued attempts to mangle the English language. 😛

Camp Nano so far

I have been lagging behind on my writing goal. Next time I’m going to set a lower goal…

But here is a sample of how the new novel is going. I actually liked the premise behind this one. Almost all of it so far is by random rolls and generators. ^_^ I’m a happy little crazy writer with generators!

Trisra loved to people-watch. No matter what else was going on, just the simple act of sitting at the step of her master’s shop and watching the people passing to and fro always seemed to calm her nerves. Maybe it was because of her background as a half-elf. Maybe it was simply her retiring nature. Regardless of the reason, she always seemed more comfortable observing life rather than actively participating in it.

She jumped at the sound of a door being banged nearby and turned to see a willowy boy hammering away with a basket on one slender arm. He noticed her glancing at him and winked cheekily. She rolled her eyes and pointedly looked away. This caused her to see a woman on crutches hobbling along the street. She was at best half-dressed and looked rather upset. She half rose, her reluctance momentarily set aside in a rare wave of concern, but before she could stand, a tall brown-haired man strode over to her side, and picked the hurt woman up with a sweep. She didn’t have much time to register the look of relief and hope that flashed over the woman’s face before the pair vanished again in the stream of humanity.

A chanting song caught her attention next, and turning toward it, she saw a cheerful girl concentrating on some kind of game that seemed to involve chanting to the timed clapping of hands and juggling of some kind of marbles. Trisra watched for a moment in bemused silence, wondering what the skinny girl could possibly be doing, but again her attention was pulled away by a young man who raced by her lookout, looking like he was hiding something in his cloak.

There was an oddly dressed young man who is walking unsteadily as he left a tavern a few buildings down. he was singing an obnoxious and somewhat off-color song off-keyed. He staggered passed a dark-skinned old woman who was tossing a coin in the hat of a beggar. There was a man standing near the pare, with a strange-looking staff in his hand, and a calm, relaxed smile on his face. An ugly girl walked by, mumbling something in a language Trisra didn’t understand. A minute later a man with very developed muscles and a stunning amulet around his neck paused and glanced around him as though lost, then pulled out a map. The flash of a golden ring almost blinded Trisra for a moment. Then he too was gone.

Trisra leaned back on one of her arms. The other hand reached up absently to push back a stray brown curl that was insisting on tickling her nose. Then a man appearing near the closest alley caught her attention. He was heavily tattooed and seemed to have been in a scuffle recently. For he sported both a black eye and a split lip. He seemed to be scanning the area around him with eyes that flashed with both arrogance and rage. But he somehow missed a short man who ducked into the alley behind him with a barely stifled yawn.

When a former post steps on your own toes…

I was looking for a particular post, hoping to inspire myself. And, well, I found this. I have a confession. I have been missing church a lot. And at first, it was all totally legit. I was often sick and worn out from work. And Sundays are still a huge struggle. But Wednesdays are now more of skipping out of a habit than the other reasons. And I am ashamed of myself.

I need to get off my lazy flank and start going again. Because, as a number of my friends told me, repentance is not feeling bad for what I am doing wrong, it is admitting to them and striving to make them right again. To correct what you are, let’s call it what it really is, sinning in and turn it around.
NOw I won’t say that you got to start being perfect again or give up. That is also not what repentance is about. But it is making the effort. And keep making the effort until the sin no longer has any power over you. And I am going to start making an effort with this post. As my confession.

The post that I posted earlier is below this. With an MLP vid to boot. ^_^


What happens when you isolate yourself from the Church? It doesn’t end well….Sin and strange ideas thrive with too much isolation and resentment….🤪 Sometimes the craziest ideas take root when you think you are your best spiritual self, and you have no idea. And sometimes that little bit of resentment you have against a brother or sister turns into something huge and monstrous.
Or if you visit a friend who been missing from Church for a while and see them…..well, struggling. The reaction…it is so real!😱
Have the courage to confront sin head on. And the one that is being disciplined🤔, have the humility to listen and take the advice…and sometimes the shove back to sanity… heart!💖


Or am I the only one that thinks this?



Well, I wrote this and posted it on facebook. So here I am posting it here AND posting it on facebook again!

I started a Patreon! Woo Hoo! I have been bouncing between the want to jump in there and do it, and wondering just why I would do this? I mean do I even have anything worth sharing? Would I be able to get anyone interested in what I have to say?

Part of me wants to say no. But that part is the part of me that would delete every word I ever wrote, crumble every drawing I ever make, and throw my crafts away. And just forget about learning any skills. What skills? That part of me would easily tell me I have no learning ability and no skills. It is a huge battle sometimes just to get out of bed, smile or otherwise.

But thankfully that is not all me. There is another part of me that gets excited when the muse whispers in my ear. Who wants to dive in a new project the way that Scrooge dives in a money safe. This far more child-like free spirit of a sprite would run to everyone she loves and who loves her and held out her work with a wistful gaze and a charming smile. “Is it good?” She would ask. “I made it for you!”

Now my more critical side is vital. Without him, I would probably create junk and think it good. But without the other side to show me my potential, not to mention the friends I have to remind me that I am beloved and have talent, then I would never create a thing. And do you think I would keep posting on my blog? Fat chance! I mean, no offense to those who do read my blog, but I don’t think I get nearly the numbers that would keep me going if I just in it for fame or cash.

This blog is like my art and fanfiction. It is an act of love. And I will continue to type away because I want others to see what I am passionate about. And to know that they are worth it too. I wouldn’t want to share with you unless I feel that you as readers are totally worth the effort to connect with. And while I do want a larger readership, I am very much grateful for the ones that I got.

Now how about posting more? Ehhhh…….working on it. 😉

An example of my way of learning

I thought I would share this to give you some idea of how I learn and think. To give you a taste of my chaos, as it were.
These are notes I made from an online video, a German class that was online, and an online video on writing. Yeah, it is pretty all over the place. But the older I get, the more I realize that I am this way. And to make myself more logical would be a huge disservice to how I really learn.

I almost deleted this as soon as I put it up because it felt silly. But I pushed through. I hope you enjoy reading my notes.


What are the differences between the rich and the poor?

The rich pay themselves first. The Godly pays God first, and themselves second. But still, the main point remains.

The rich base their decisions on long-term rewards rather than instant gratification.

Rich people have several sources of income

rich people continually invest in themselves

the rich never blame but take full responsibility for their failures,

the rich don’t sleep in.

the rich have a clear vision or purpose

the rich make progress before entertainment

I recently started teaching myself, German. I found myself preferring to read out the words first, and sounding them out loud to myself. I took a few notes now and then to try to help build vocab in my head. But then I lost steam and started skipping. I know this was a mistake now.

Why did you decide to be a student, and what do you hope to gain from your studies?

Well, I love to learn for its own sake to begin with. And now that I am forty, I feel like I really need to dig in and learn as much as I can to better myself and be more employable and useful. I don’t have the energy of youth anymore so must use my mind to keep ahead. Besides learning is fun for its own sake. ^_^

write a million words, the very best you can. Then throw it away and turn your back on that work. Only then do you really began.

die banana ist gelp. the banana is yellow