November 17, 2014. That was when I wrote my very first blog post for this blog. And clearly, I was doing this without Grammarly. Oh, the bad writing.

And sadly, I don’t think I got much better, but consider how often I wrote a post. I guess it’s like weight loss. Only backwards. The amount of word skill you take in is only equal to the number of words you put out. Or something like that. Sorry, just came from a science kick, and my brain is still trying to think along those lines. See what happens when I get curious?

But, even with the less than the stellar number of posts for the years I have been writing, this is a pretty neat feat! I started in November 2014, and it is now November 2018. Four years. Four years of daring to put my work out there, struggling against self-doubt, laziness, and learning to improve my writing. There are even some good posts here.

And many of my readers have been here for three years or more. That is incredible! Thank you for following me. I would never have stuck with it if it were not for you. Thak you. And a question. What would you like me to do to celebrate? Leave a comment, post on Facebook, write an e-mail. Let me know. Or visit my Pateon account. 😛 Yeap, #shamelessplugging

So for now, here is the very first blog post of The Ink Splattered Desk! YAY!



A nanowrimo post

Day 16, and I currently am 35,000 words strong, give or take ten. I also have at least one fanfiction idea, and started a fanfiction for the turtles, that is an additional 2,500 words. November is becoming my favorite month of the year, for I feel free to write and create, without excuse. I have ideas for other books, lots of other books, and I’m going to spend some of the last half of the month outlining them, both fiction, christian non-fiction and christian fiction!

Also, this happens to be my very first post for this blog. I didn’t want to start it with the obligatory Hello Internet, I’m Blank. But I have no problem acknowledging the fact, at the end. Hello Internet, I’m the ink splattered writer. Cowabunga, Dude!



It’s that time again!!

It is that time again. And that time is…NANOWRIMO!!! It’s nanowrimo! NANOWRIMO!!

I will be posting my daily efforts here, and total word count. So, let’s all have fun, and let’s get those words! For all the others aiming for those 50,000 words this month, good luck and let me know how you’re doing!!

Guess what that time is…..

That’s right!

It is NaNoWriMo!!! And I am already over three thousand words strong into my novel. And later today, I will put up my first posting of the day’s words properly. I will do this every day to keep myself motivated and accountable. Just….dodon’t expect it to make that much sense. This is a first manuscript after all.


And here is a video of Matt’s from Bandgeek8408. It is an oldie but a goodie. And it motivates me to keep going when I don’t want to. HOw about you? Anyone participating this year? And if you are, what are some motivations you have to get started? What is your word count so far? And if you don’t participate in NaNo, what is a major goal that you would like to meet?


Spooky Stories

Hello again. Dug up some classic tales to send a chill down the old spine. I hope you like it. If you have any other stories, poems or the like that you think are worth mentioning, please feel free to let me know!!

Coffee and a Classic

Hello everyone. I have a special announcement or two for my readers.

One. I recently have started posting videos on youtube. Yes, little old me, in front of a camera. This is a big deal to me because I get very nervous when I’m in front of a camera. Part of the reason why I started was to get over that fear. And I think it is working. Yay!

And number two. I have just made one, unboxing my first ever book shipment subscription. It is called Coffee and a Classic, as you can see from the title. I had a real hoot making it. And want to focus my vlog on books and pony/brony news, so this fits right in. Please check it out on my channel, Apple Brush. Or check it out here. ^_^ And Happy Halloween!




My Little Pony: Halloween Edition

When one thinks of My Little Pony, I bet not many would think of horror. Or would they? Here is a sampling of some creeptastic creators that found a way to add that edge of horror in a very lovable, pleasant children’s show. Serious, they might give you nightmares.

Warnings, for all the faint-hearted. Some of these have made people ill.


First up is MisterDavey who gave us the mayhem known as SmileHD And Cupcakes, well, one of them. He has a wonderful way of blending happy, though sometimes disturbed songs/music with horrifically graphic violence. Seriously, this gets serious. Warnings: Seriously do not let kids see these ever! I’m not sure teens should watch it, but I know they would only see it as a dare…::Grumbles::




This is my favorite reaction to Smile HD. He has a wonderful sense of humor and one day I will focus a blog on him only. Check him out.




And then there are the fanfictions. Oh, ye angels and little fishes, the fanfiction. Cupcakes started as a fanfiction, one of the first of it’s kind to take My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic, and thoroughly twist it into something horrible. It is a little blah now, because of all the horror fanfiction it inspired, but as the first, it is honestly horrific enough.

Here is the link for chapter one…if you are so inclined…


Now for something really special. I only found it recently, with one of my favorite fanfic readers, The Lost Narrator. She is doing something rather special for Halloween, and I can’t wait to see where it leads to…




Those Rebellious Types: A Synopsis

Be honest with me. Would you read this, if you have seen this on the back of a book? It’s just an idea, one of many, I have buzzing in my head right now.


Those Rebellious Types

Hi. My name is Sparrowhawk. And I am leading a rebellion against a corrupt government bent on killing us all. Wow, when you say it like that, it sounds pretty cool, if a bit cliche. I mean, I’m pretty sure there are a ton of books and movies about this. But my tale has a major glaring problem. I deal with idiots.

Not just the quote un-quote bad guys. That is to be expected. Though I really do think my foes had been hit with the old idiot stick a bit more than the normal run. I mean who doesn’t notice a hole on top of your top secret elevator for heaven’s sake! And don’t even get me started about their top-secret prison ward. you know, the one that is child’s play to get out of. Or the guards. I mean, wow! Just wow! Not that I have anything against them. We hang out, play cards. That kind of thing. But nobody would lie and say they are powerful in the whole gray matter area. But at least the guards are kind and dumb. And kind of funny. That’s why we hang out when they are not on duty after all.

Their bosses, however, they are a whole another brand of idiot. I just have to shake my head at them. How are they still employed? Unless the others are even stupider than the ones I see daily? Oh man, I never even thought of that. Am I the only smart person left in the world? Or is that the warning that this is all some elaborate fever dream that I am dying from. I mean I know what they say about crazy people. They are the ones who think they are sane and everyone else is crazy. What if I’m sublimely stupid, but think it’s everyone else? You know what? I’m not going down that particular rabbit hole. There lies madness.

Because I’ll be honest here. My side is not much better. We got a couple of people who are pretty clever and everything else you want in a rebellion. Well, one is also a phycho. But nobody is perfect. And my assistant who seems as close to perfect as anyone could reasonably ask for. But some of the others…wow. They think the traps we face are real humdingers, let me tell you. I bet their hobbies involve stirring oatmeal. I’m not even kidding you here.

So basically, I am the leader of a rebellion against the village idiots who somehow got government jobs, with mean streaks way higher than their ability to plan out any kind of threat. While I pretty much babysit man-children. And to the ones who are good, capable people who routinely pull my hinny out of the fire, I am so very sorry for all you guys have to go through. I promise, vacations for you guys, just as soon as it is legal to actually take one. I am marking those days, people!! I swear. It’s one of those little tasks that help me keep san amid the madness.

I need a drink.