When a former post steps on your own toes…

I was looking for a particular post, hoping to inspire myself. And, well, I found this. I have a confession. I have been missing church a lot. And at first, it was all totally legit. I was often sick and worn out from work. And Sundays are still a huge struggle. But Wednesdays are now more of skipping out of a habit than the other reasons. And I am ashamed of myself.

I need to get off my lazy flank and start going again. Because, as a number of my friends told me, repentance is not feeling bad for what I am doing wrong, it is admitting to them and striving to make them right again. To correct what you are, let’s call it what it really is, sinning in and turn it around.
NOw I won’t say that you got to start being perfect again or give up. That is also not what repentance is about. But it is making the effort. And keep making the effort until the sin no longer has any power over you. And I am going to start making an effort with this post. As my confession.

The post that I posted earlier is below this. With an MLP vid to boot. ^_^


What happens when you isolate yourself from the Church? It doesn’t end well….Sin and strange ideas thrive with too much isolation and resentment….🤪 Sometimes the craziest ideas take root when you think you are your best spiritual self, and you have no idea. And sometimes that little bit of resentment you have against a brother or sister turns into something huge and monstrous.
Or if you visit a friend who been missing from Church for a while and see them…..well, struggling. The reaction…it is so real!😱
Have the courage to confront sin head on. And the one that is being disciplined🤔, have the humility to listen and take the advice…and sometimes the shove back to sanity…..to heart!💖


Or am I the only one that thinks this?



Well, I wrote this and posted it on facebook. So here I am posting it here AND posting it on facebook again!

I started a Patreon! Woo Hoo! I have been bouncing between the want to jump in there and do it, and wondering just why I would do this? I mean do I even have anything worth sharing? Would I be able to get anyone interested in what I have to say?

Part of me wants to say no. But that part is the part of me that would delete every word I ever wrote, crumble every drawing I ever make, and throw my crafts away. And just forget about learning any skills. What skills? That part of me would easily tell me I have no learning ability and no skills. It is a huge battle sometimes just to get out of bed, smile or otherwise.

But thankfully that is not all me. There is another part of me that gets excited when the muse whispers in my ear. Who wants to dive in a new project the way that Scrooge dives in a money safe. This far more child-like free spirit of a sprite would run to everyone she loves and who loves her and held out her work with a wistful gaze and a charming smile. “Is it good?” She would ask. “I made it for you!”

Now my more critical side is vital. Without him, I would probably create junk and think it good. But without the other side to show me my potential, not to mention the friends I have to remind me that I am beloved and have talent, then I would never create a thing. And do you think I would keep posting on my blog? Fat chance! I mean, no offense to those who do read my blog, but I don’t think I get nearly the numbers that would keep me going if I just in it for fame or cash.

This blog is like my art and fanfiction. It is an act of love. And I will continue to type away because I want others to see what I am passionate about. And to know that they are worth it too. I wouldn’t want to share with you unless I feel that you as readers are totally worth the effort to connect with. And while I do want a larger readership, I am very much grateful for the ones that I got.

Now how about posting more? Ehhhh…….working on it. 😉

An example of my way of learning

I thought I would share this to give you some idea of how I learn and think. To give you a taste of my chaos, as it were.
These are notes I made from an online video, a German class that was online, and an online video on writing. Yeah, it is pretty all over the place. But the older I get, the more I realize that I am this way. And to make myself more logical would be a huge disservice to how I really learn.

I almost deleted this as soon as I put it up because it felt silly. But I pushed through. I hope you enjoy reading my notes.


What are the differences between the rich and the poor?

The rich pay themselves first. The Godly pays God first, and themselves second. But still, the main point remains.

The rich base their decisions on long-term rewards rather than instant gratification.

Rich people have several sources of income

rich people continually invest in themselves

the rich never blame but take full responsibility for their failures,

the rich don’t sleep in.

the rich have a clear vision or purpose

the rich make progress before entertainment

I recently started teaching myself, German. I found myself preferring to read out the words first, and sounding them out loud to myself. I took a few notes now and then to try to help build vocab in my head. But then I lost steam and started skipping. I know this was a mistake now.

Why did you decide to be a student, and what do you hope to gain from your studies?

Well, I love to learn for its own sake to begin with. And now that I am forty, I feel like I really need to dig in and learn as much as I can to better myself and be more employable and useful. I don’t have the energy of youth anymore so must use my mind to keep ahead. Besides learning is fun for its own sake. ^_^

write a million words, the very best you can. Then throw it away and turn your back on that work. Only then do you really began.

die banana ist gelp. the banana is yellow

The Louisa May Alcott Challenge

I ran into the challenge back in 2016. The main idea was that each person participating was to make a list of works by LMA, then make their best efforts to finish the list by the end of the month. Even though I am not sure that the challenge is being re-instated this year, still I will go on as though it is.

Here is my list.

Under the Lilacs

Shoes and Stockings: A Collection of Short Stories

A Garland For Girls


If I finish all these, then I would start reading her journals.


That is all for now. Have a pleasant day. And let me know if you also want to take part.


Final Score for 24 hour readathon

Hello everyone!

So I am a little late, but I am wrapping up my readathon. And continuing the Sci-fi one. ^_^ Loving life. Reading is life.

So my score, as it were.

Ready Player One-I had read 138 pages so far. Also so far I am getting the hype. It is Amazing!! I had really hard time putting it down. It is the reason why I am 30ish minutes over the readathon. I love it. And will put a half-time review up soon.


Anne of Avonlea-About 140 or so pages read, and I want to finish in the next week or so, but it is not a priority with the sci-fi readathon going on. But it is a fun read, and I still love it.


Spock’s world-100 or so pages. I think the fact that it is in sections and not chapters hurt my pace some here. The others I read chapters before switching off. But with this one, I had to read a lot more when the book came up in its turn came up came up. Still, it is one of the Best Star Trek Novels I have read to date. And it will be part of the reading list for the current readathon. So no worries. ^_^


Under the Lilacs-73 pages. I had a hard time focusing on it. Especially after falling in love with Ready Player One. The others I had read a long time before. So it was easier to get into those three. But I really like Under the Lilacs so far. And will continue it for the LMA Challenge for this month. Whew, I got a lot of reading to do this month. And right now I am kind of in love with that.


Also, I listened to a number of audio books as I read, mostly on the side and mostly short stories. I have a hard time focusing unless there is some sound. And I found out years ago that I can somehow divide my attention when I am reading a book at the same time I am listening to an audiobook. Nobody tends to believe me when I say I can follow both at the same time. NOt all the details of course. But I can follow all the details of the written book and get the general idea of the audio. So here is the list of short stories listened to. ^_^


The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

The Tell-Tale Heart

The Masque of the Red Death

Aunt Kipp-LMA Challenge

A Country Christmas-LMA Challenge

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

The Necklace

The Scarlet Ibis


There ya go. All the material I had stuffed my brain within the last 24 hours. Thank you, and good night. I am exhausted.

Love Sermon

I had gotten this from the same sight that I first listened to the sermon itself just now. It had struck me to my heart. And is a good reminder that God has used so many people in the past, and many more now and in the future to teach his will to the masses. And that all we need to do is to open our eyes to see it.
The following description and audiobook/sermon are from learnoutloud.
“Written in 1880 by Scottish evangelist Henry Drummond, The Greatest Thing in the World draws its message from the Apostle Paul’s argument that love is man’s true path to God. Using a key text from 1st Corinthians, Drummond argues that while there are many virtuous emotions we all must practice cultivating in order to live a fuller life, none is more paramount than a loving outlook. With an urgent passion that bespeaks the era in which he lived, Drummond testifies that if we only take a little more time each day to operate from a basis of loving kindness, others will notice and be attracted to our living example.

SciFiJune Readathon


Oh, I was just reminded that Seasons of Reading Readathons started it’s SciFi Summer Readathon today! It started at midnight. How is that for serendipity? It goes until the fourteenth of the same month. There is a prize, but I think I’ll only participate to motivate myself to read more SciFi and Fantasy this month. 🙂

So my list for this one. By the by. Yes in readathons this long, you do sleep. 😛

Ready Player One

Changes-part of the Collegium Chronicles series

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

As many Star Trek Novels as I can fit in! So far, that would be Spock’s World and The Tears of the Singers

So let’s see. Doing my own 24-hour readathon today. Plus starting #SciFiSummerJune. And I am seeing if I can start up the LMA Reading Challenge if one is not already going on that is. Think I gave myself enough to do bookwise this month?

Readathon update #2

Well, got another few chapters read collectively. and listened to another couple of short stories completely.

Then I…well crashed. I guess I’m too old to do one of these things with no sleep at all. Good to know for the next one. I’ll plan a 48 hour one instead. With sleep in between :). Still, I am pressing onward! I just got to catch up for lost time.

So, I’m going to read some more. And get a late breakfast.

Update on 24-Hour Readathon #1

Hello again!

So, it is now Five in the morning, and I have read a fair few chapters and listened to some short stories on Youtube. I also drank a monster. It was Pipeline. I might write a review of my favorite kinds of energy drinks by and by.

I am on ch. 2 of Ready Player One

I Have started earlier on both Spock’s World and Anne of Avonlea and am using this readathon to finish them. Spock’s World is a bit strange in that it is divided in sections and not chapters. And those are fairly long as chapters/sections go. I am currently in the middle of Enterprise Two.

In Anne of Avonlea, I am on Chapter 20.

With Under the Lilacs, I am on chapter 3

I also paused and wrote a few blogs out. Will post them sooner or later. And I am looking forward to a slight break soon, where I think I might make some breakfast at around 6.

Till my next update, happy reading!

News from a crazy bookworm

What would a bookworm do to spend vacation time to date? Well, this one is doing a read-a-thon! 24 hours, starting at midnight and ending at midnight. I will only pause to write a book review or cook a meal. What I am going to do is read a chapter from four books, and switch to the next once that chapter is done. Oh and listen to audio books.

My current books are:

Under the Lilacs

Anne of Avonlea

Ready Player One

Spock’s World


Also, I didn’t start it but did finish one book and one sermon so far.

Up Country-YA Novel

The Greatest thing in the World-Sermon


Wish me luck! One hour down, 23 more to go.