It is official

It is official. I am unable to follow through on anything. But still, I will maintain this blog, such as it is, to the very best of my ability. If for no other reason, than I think that I might be able to help yet. I don’t know how, when there don’t seem to be that many people reading yet. But I learned I do not care if anyone reads this or not. Creating the posts themselves is really fun for me! And even if I don’t post as often as I feel I should, I post as often as I feel I need to.

Maybe I will never be that good at blogging. Maybe I will never be popular. Maybe I would never be regular or post anything interesting to others, or maybe I will. But I won’t try it, except to try to make myself happy with writing to the best that I know I can write. In the end, that is all I can do.

If others like that, then well and good. If nobody likes it, that is fine too. The point is I am stepping closer to the writer I want to be, with the practice I put in by writing for this blog. And that is enough for me. And if I help others learn to see something new, or learn to see themselves as special and worthwhile in their own way, then that is some sweet frosting on the cake!!


4 thoughts on “It is official

  1. Please don’t say you are unable to follow through on anything!! Seriously girl, you are one of the most persistently faithful people I get to call a friend! You follow through every time you go to work, you follow through in multiple friendships by ALWAYS smiling and asking how we are AND remembering what we are going through! And most importantly, you are a faithful disciple who hasn’t walked away when so many others would have!! So, you don’t write as often as you would like to, who cares! THAT doesn’t define who you are at your core! You DO follow through!! You ARE amazing! Stop looking down on yourself and start thanking God for the ways he has blessed you and the gifts you have that you are using for him. There, I said it! You have officially been yelled at in a public post! LOL I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


    1. LOL! My first comment, and it’s a tongue lashing! My circle is now complete.
      Seriously, thank you Sharon. You are that voice of sense just when I need it. I am pretty mad at myself, though. So, something to work on still. But I will cut down on the self-hate. Pinkie Promise.


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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this. Even though being disciplined is probably one of my biggest weakness, I still feel drawn to this. I think I’m just masochistic. 😛
      But living for God and words? Not a bad life if I have the power to choose it.


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