Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone! Yes, the holiday is still here, even though the union that founded it is being strangled to death. Ahh, good times

Here is a link that will show the history behind Labor Day.

And here is a video to show some recipes for enjoying the day, you know. For the ones that get to. Ahem, no salt or anything. I’m not mad.


And lastly, here is another post, from Town and Country magazine, with a really interesting read on Labor day. It’s for those who don’t want to read the first, for the faster read. It also has some pretty fun facts.


Labor day is a holiday with a lot of history behind it. Surprisingly so for one that started so late in history. And it is one that deserves our respect. Even more importantly, the people behind the holiday are very much deserving of respect and honor. First off, there are those who fought and sweated and struggled to start unions and give working people a voice. Don’t let that voice go silent. I am not saying all unions are awesome, or even always right. But look back in history, and see for yourself what the past was like for the average working man and woman before unions were around.

And secondly, we must honor the working men and women that are the main reason why the whole world runs even a little smoother. America especially, we need to get our acts together! There is a saying that our country was formed by farmers. I think this is true. The soldiers may have fought for our freedom, and are totally deserving of respect. And that is why we have holidays that show that kind of respect to them.

But it is the blacksmith that made the weapons, the miner that got the ore from the ground. It is the innovators and inventors that found new methods and metals for the blacksmith. It is the farmer that fed everyone else, it is the weavers and seamstress that made the clothes and even the flag. Every worker, tugging their staw or pebble along and doing their appointed task is what makes society happen. And those workers are the ones that deserve recognition today.

But we are also the people who get the least amount of respect in America these days. Think about it. How do many people celebrate? By going to sales. Cook-outs. Maybe eating out. People have to be there working to make the sales happen, the groceries available, or the meals prepared and served. Not to mention keeping everything clean and stocked. Yet American workers as a whole continue to have poor health care, insufficient support with childcare and general living expenses and the fewest days off. I can’t be the only one that finds it ironic that many people will celebrate labor day by laboring hard at a poorly paid, thankless job. In fact, on labor day, many of us will work a longer shift than normal. Yay. And I am not just saying that because I’m one of them.

Still, I appreciate the holiday for the idea behind it, and I want to give a shoutout to everyone that goes to work every day and do what you do. We would not be where we are without each and every one of you doing your share of the labor needed to keep society going. Thank you.

I apologize for the long-winded post. I didn’t plan for it be go on like this. But there you are. And again, Thank you.



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