Looking ahead

I have plans. Oh yes, I have plans for the future.


First, I am going to go back from the very beginning of My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic, and I am going to review the episodes. I feel like the pressure is off on this, because there are so many reviews out there, with so many different perspectives and spins, that there is no way that mine can be that notable, so I won’t even try. I will only write my thoughts out as clearly and entertainingly as possible. And if people like them and want to read on, then so much the better. And anyway, I need the practice. And a bonus. Still obsessed! So there is that.

I am also going to go down the list of Bronies and going to rate them and their content. This would include voice-overs, reviews, animation, fanfiction, the whole shebang. And let me warn you here and now. There is a LOT of content out there! It is a very deep sea we are about to plunge in so I suggest you bring along your favorite snorkel and/or flotation device.

Lastly, I will go back to my first love. Books. Namely reviewing books. I have been reading a fair bit. And one of the book-based projects I am hoping to tackle is one near and dear to my heart. I will go through the Hardy Boy Casefiles from #1 onward. And that is a lot of books. Because if that, I think I will keep the reviews to a few hundred words and put them out about once a week or so. The number is pretty excessive, but I think it would be manageable because the storylines are fairly similar to each other.

And I might do the same with star trek novels. Not sure on that one though.

And I believe that is enough projects for the moment. I have a few things I do want to tackle, such as actually learning how to scan art with a scanner, and maybe even buy a microphone! Dum dum dum!!! Because I have not let go of the idea of starting a vlog. Or doing readings of short stories, poems, and fanfiction, and maybe even learning animation. But those are a ways away yet. And require a whole bunch of 30 seconds of courage. Honestly, I break out in a sweat every time I even think of putting myself on camera. ” God didn’t give me a spirit of timidity, but one of courage.” And I will cling to that verse even if it kills me!

So until my next post, I’m taking off. Byeeee!


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