I have a confession to make. I almost gave up on this blog.

That’s right. I came close to chucking it and walking away. And I’m still not sure if sticking with it is a good move or not.

See, here is the deal. Nothing I wrote seemed very good. Even what I ended up giving away was not my best and I knew it. I have tons of ideas still, but I just could not bring them to fruition in a way that I was happy with at all. And if you know me in real time, you know I do not have very much stick-to-itiveness. I give up at the first sign of difficulty. It’s my laziness coupled with perfectionism, I think. try figuring out how that is possible.

Still, I will stick with this for a bit yet. And I hope those who find my little corner of the internet is going to be amused by my continued attempts to mangle the English language. 😛


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