Camp Nano so far

I have been lagging behind on my writing goal. Next time I’m going to set a lower goal…

But here is a sample of how the new novel is going. I actually liked the premise behind this one. Almost all of it so far is by random rolls and generators. ^_^ I’m a happy little crazy writer with generators!

Trisra loved to people-watch. No matter what else was going on, just the simple act of sitting at the step of her master’s shop and watching the people passing to and fro always seemed to calm her nerves. Maybe it was because of her background as a half-elf. Maybe it was simply her retiring nature. Regardless of the reason, she always seemed more comfortable observing life rather than actively participating in it.

She jumped at the sound of a door being banged nearby and turned to see a willowy boy hammering away with a basket on one slender arm. He noticed her glancing at him and winked cheekily. She rolled her eyes and pointedly looked away. This caused her to see a woman on crutches hobbling along the street. She was at best half-dressed and looked rather upset. She half rose, her reluctance momentarily set aside in a rare wave of concern, but before she could stand, a tall brown-haired man strode over to her side, and picked the hurt woman up with a sweep. She didn’t have much time to register the look of relief and hope that flashed over the woman’s face before the pair vanished again in the stream of humanity.

A chanting song caught her attention next, and turning toward it, she saw a cheerful girl concentrating on some kind of game that seemed to involve chanting to the timed clapping of hands and juggling of some kind of marbles. Trisra watched for a moment in bemused silence, wondering what the skinny girl could possibly be doing, but again her attention was pulled away by a young man who raced by her lookout, looking like he was hiding something in his cloak.

There was an oddly dressed young man who is walking unsteadily as he left a tavern a few buildings down. he was singing an obnoxious and somewhat off-color song off-keyed. He staggered passed a dark-skinned old woman who was tossing a coin in the hat of a beggar. There was a man standing near the pare, with a strange-looking staff in his hand, and a calm, relaxed smile on his face. An ugly girl walked by, mumbling something in a language Trisra didn’t understand. A minute later a man with very developed muscles and a stunning amulet around his neck paused and glanced around him as though lost, then pulled out a map. The flash of a golden ring almost blinded Trisra for a moment. Then he too was gone.

Trisra leaned back on one of her arms. The other hand reached up absently to push back a stray brown curl that was insisting on tickling her nose. Then a man appearing near the closest alley caught her attention. He was heavily tattooed and seemed to have been in a scuffle recently. For he sported both a black eye and a split lip. He seemed to be scanning the area around him with eyes that flashed with both arrogance and rage. But he somehow missed a short man who ducked into the alley behind him with a barely stifled yawn.


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