Well, I wrote this and posted it on facebook. So here I am posting it here AND posting it on facebook again!

I started a Patreon! Woo Hoo! I have been bouncing between the want to jump in there and do it, and wondering just why I would do this? I mean do I even have anything worth sharing? Would I be able to get anyone interested in what I have to say?

Part of me wants to say no. But that part is the part of me that would delete every word I ever wrote, crumble every drawing I ever make, and throw my crafts away. And just forget about learning any skills. What skills? That part of me would easily tell me I have no learning ability and no skills. It is a huge battle sometimes just to get out of bed, smile or otherwise.

But thankfully that is not all me. There is another part of me that gets excited when the muse whispers in my ear. Who wants to dive in a new project the way that Scrooge dives in a money safe. This far more child-like free spirit of a sprite would run to everyone she loves and who loves her and held out her work with a wistful gaze and a charming smile. “Is it good?” She would ask. “I made it for you!”

Now my more critical side is vital. Without him, I would probably create junk and think it good. But without the other side to show me my potential, not to mention the friends I have to remind me that I am beloved and have talent, then I would never create a thing. And do you think I would keep posting on my blog? Fat chance! I mean, no offense to those who do read my blog, but I don’t think I get nearly the numbers that would keep me going if I just in it for fame or cash.

This blog is like my art and fanfiction. It is an act of love. And I will continue to type away because I want others to see what I am passionate about. And to know that they are worth it too. I wouldn’t want to share with you unless I feel that you as readers are totally worth the effort to connect with. And while I do want a larger readership, I am very much grateful for the ones that I got.

Now how about posting more? Ehhhh…….working on it. 😉


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