Final Score for 24 hour readathon

Hello everyone!

So I am a little late, but I am wrapping up my readathon. And continuing the Sci-fi one. ^_^ Loving life. Reading is life.

So my score, as it were.

Ready Player One-I had read 138 pages so far. Also so far I am getting the hype. It is Amazing!! I had really hard time putting it down. It is the reason why I am 30ish minutes over the readathon. I love it. And will put a half-time review up soon.


Anne of Avonlea-About 140 or so pages read, and I want to finish in the next week or so, but it is not a priority with the sci-fi readathon going on. But it is a fun read, and I still love it.


Spock’s world-100 or so pages. I think the fact that it is in sections and not chapters hurt my pace some here. The others I read chapters before switching off. But with this one, I had to read a lot more when the book came up in its turn came up came up. Still, it is one of the Best Star Trek Novels I have read to date. And it will be part of the reading list for the current readathon. So no worries. ^_^


Under the Lilacs-73 pages. I had a hard time focusing on it. Especially after falling in love with Ready Player One. The others I had read a long time before. So it was easier to get into those three. But I really like Under the Lilacs so far. And will continue it for the LMA Challenge for this month. Whew, I got a lot of reading to do this month. And right now I am kind of in love with that.


Also, I listened to a number of audio books as I read, mostly on the side and mostly short stories. I have a hard time focusing unless there is some sound. And I found out years ago that I can somehow divide my attention when I am reading a book at the same time I am listening to an audiobook. Nobody tends to believe me when I say I can follow both at the same time. NOt all the details of course. But I can follow all the details of the written book and get the general idea of the audio. So here is the list of short stories listened to. ^_^


The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

The Tell-Tale Heart

The Masque of the Red Death

Aunt Kipp-LMA Challenge

A Country Christmas-LMA Challenge

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

The Necklace

The Scarlet Ibis


There ya go. All the material I had stuffed my brain within the last 24 hours. Thank you, and good night. I am exhausted.


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