Update on 24-Hour Readathon #1

Hello again!

So, it is now Five in the morning, and I have read a fair few chapters and listened to some short stories on Youtube. I also drank a monster. It was Pipeline. I might write a review of my favorite kinds of energy drinks by and by.

I am on ch. 2 of Ready Player One

I Have started earlier on both Spock’s World and Anne of Avonlea and am using this readathon to finish them. Spock’s World is a bit strange in that it is divided in sections and not chapters. And those are fairly long as chapters/sections go. I am currently in the middle of Enterprise Two.

In Anne of Avonlea, I am on Chapter 20.

With Under the Lilacs, I am on chapter 3

I also paused and wrote a few blogs out. Will post them sooner or later. And I am looking forward to a slight break soon, where I think I might make some breakfast at around 6.

Till my next update, happy reading!


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