SciFiJune Readathon


Oh, I was just reminded that Seasons of Reading Readathons started it’s SciFi Summer Readathon today! It started at midnight. How is that for serendipity? It goes until the fourteenth of the same month. There is a prize, but I think I’ll only participate to motivate myself to read more SciFi and Fantasy this month. šŸ™‚

So my list for this one. By the by. Yes in readathons this long, you do sleep. šŸ˜›

Ready Player One

Changes-part of the Collegium Chronicles series

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

As many Star Trek Novels as I can fit in! So far, that would be Spock’s World and The Tears of the Singers

So let’s see. Doing my own 24-hour readathon today. Plus startingĀ #SciFiSummerJune.Ā And I am seeing if I can start up the LMA Reading Challenge if one is not already going on that is. Think I gave myself enough to do bookwise this month?


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