Mother’s Day

What is a Mother?

Well in the strictest sense of the word, it is someone who gave birth to a child. But it is more than that. It is a woman who dedicates a good deal of their lives to the care, instruction and general upbringing of their child/children. It is a person who had to grow up and mature at a suddenly accelerated pace, because if they are not appropriately mature enough to take care of the helpless lifeform that is a very young human, then they would have to deal with the repercussions of their immaturity.
A mother learns to think of others first to make those others safe and sound. To make the  little people under there care to somehow have a better life than they did. In the end, for both Mothers and Fathers, the purest motive of parents is just that. It is to make sure that they have a better life than the parents did. They want to make sure that through their children, the lives of that generation and those afterward would be better than the current one and the ones beforehand.
In the end, A mother is a saint in training. Or the very best are. While it is true that a lot of women who merely gave birth are called Mothers, I personally have a higher standard. I think only real mothers are worthy of the title. they do not have to be perfect. They do however do their best.
Take my own Mother. She is a hasty person. And told me herself that she is not the most patient person. She had to deal with a lot in her life. And she did not always react under pressure the best. But she always did her best with what she had. She loved the three of us to the best of her abilities. She gave her time, effort and just everything in our upbringing. She did not even have to take me in! I was adopted. She had, with Dad, chosen to take me in when I was small and weak and my future was very uncertain. If they hadn’t taken me in, I most likely would have died. So I won’t lie. I owe everything to my parents, and I am not ashamed to say it.
So that is my thoughts on the subject of Mothers.  I hope you find this helpful or at least coherent.
Thank you for reading this and remember. We all have to grow up and look after others sooner or later. Mothers just tend to be ahead of the curve.

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