Epic Book Vids!

Who me? No…No, No, No, No. I never, ever had this problem when I travel…Hey, what do you mean my nose is longer! ^_^”

Think if I start a patreon, I’ll end up being able to afford a nook? J/K! I’ll never start one JUST for a nook! Being able to afford to eat and show take higher priority…


All joking aside, this series is plain fun to watch. They are super short, and show off the many trials and tribulations of the daily garden-variety book nerd very well. Almost like…they are a book nerd. Or something. Oh, the horror!

You have 3-4 minutes to kill on Monday afternoon/evening, and either want to laugh at yourself for the book nerdy self you recognize so well, or laugh at the book nerds like me who are showcased in these charming videos, able over to Epic Read and give them a watch!


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