Jingle Bells!! A lot of Jingle Bells!!!

I think I should not have to say this, mainly because anyone who heard me sing will know better. But none of this is mine. They are owned by their various creators, and I am only an avid fan. Though I’ll admit, the Mean Girls Scene was more for you than me.

I do hope you like this. We have MLP to please the kids in us, Mean Girls for, well, I was going to say movie buffs but….well, enjoy it anyway. Because like it or not, the Christmas scene sort of became iconic in its own right.Then Pentatonic to mix things up. And lastly, because Frank Sinatra still is among the best, we got him singing Jingle Bells.



Another song from My Little Ponies. Jingle Bells sang by the voice actor that gave us Rainbow Dash!! Created by Hasbro. A really fun listen, especially if you like a touch of rock in your carols!



And here we have a favorite scene from Mean girls.


Pentatonic Jingle Bells!!!! The most amazing A cappella group ever! I fell in love with them ever since I saw their Evolution of Music Video. So….I’ll post both!!



Lastly, the classic. Frankie, take it away!!!


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