A Brony Confession

I honestly didn’t think I could fall so hard, so fast in love with something like this. I watched My Little Pony as a kid. The second generation, I think. And hated hated HATED it!! So when I dared myself to watch a reaction video of the pilot episode of the first season of MLP Friendship is Magic, I was really planning to watch to see the reactor tear it to itty bitty pieces. I can be a little mean that way sometimes. Imagine my shocked amazement when I fell in love with it by episode 3!!! LOVE IT!!!! And what is even more amazing? I am finding all kinds of spiritual insights in it!!
Take the following about what you might be able to learn from the struggles of the Mane Six. (Yes, I found out that is a common term for the main characters that the fanbase gave them)
Need to learn to be brave and stand up for your beliefs and maybe stop being a people-pleasing doormat, or to be kinder and more forgiving? Pay serious attention to Fluttershy!!
Need to learn to think before you speak, to perhaps rein in a brash impulsive, self-serving nature, or maybe learn to dive headfirst into adventure, and take pride in what you are good at Rainbow Dash is your guide.
Or…perhaps your self-serving in another way? Using gifts to buy your way to people loving you, or obsess about your problems, needs, looks or popularity, or maybe you need to learn how to give generously of your time, money, and maybe even hair to make another’s life better. Maybe even more beautiful? Or learn that you can be strong, while still being beautiful, lady-like…..or gentlemanly as you lean, and still be a strong light for Christ, that would be pointed out by Rarity.
Maybe you don’t see any value in friends, think you can be happily buried in your work, books or hobbies, and don’t need people to make your life complete? Or conversely, you need to learn about the value of study, introspection and the value of an organized life, let Twilight Sparkle be your guiding star.
Maybe you are a workaholic, too stubborn to take advice or help? Honest almost to a fault? Overprotective, even a touch smothering at times? Or need to see the value of hard work, honesty, and being reliable? Or maybe need to remember why family is important? Make Applejack the apple of your eye.
Lastly, are you unfocused, spastic, seek fun at the cost of more important things, obsess over how people see you, and avoid ‘bad’ feelings and serious situations like an icky mess on the road, or perversely you need to learn how to see the bright side of life, the value of friends and joy, and selflessly seek to make others, especially your friends, happy and smiling? Maybe learn how to laugh at yourself or something that scares you? Then bounce along with Pinkie Pie!!!
I hope this gives you food for thought from an unlikely source and inspire you. In truth, the biggest lesson of this show is that friendship really is magical. Alone, we will most-likely drown in our character weakness, and never even know it is happening. But “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17.
Which is why we need our friends. To guide us toward godliness, lift us up from our stinky thinking, and even discipline each other to drive sin away.
Lastly, I love all of you. And hope my “Pinkie Pie-Applejack nature” can make you smile!!! Let me know which one or ones you relate with best! Or point out what pony reminds you most of a friend of yours!! Anything goes!
Yikes, this is way too long! Still, if you read to the end, bless you for it! And if you like what I was written, let me know! If you think it needs work, again let me know! I want to perfect my writing skills after all!!! And if you just want to share a thought, please do!! Comments make me smile!!!!!!! And Have a SUPER DUPER AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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