Apple Whine-written by Ringcaat


“But surely, darling, you realize that at least the pursuit of fairness must be at the heart of any just society!”

“Mah granny used to tell me that if life were fair, the skeeters’d sit still so as we could take a turn bitin’ them.”

“Goodness! A.J., who in Equestria would want to bite a mosquito?!””Mah point exactly. You don’t wanna live in a fair world, Rarity. It’d be disgusting.”




Yes, I am reviewing fanfiction.

This is a pretty crazy story, all about whether or not the others should let Pinkie Pie drink whiskey or not. Rarity comes up with a pretty noble idea, insisting that she be included in the ban if Pinkie is not allowed to drink alcohol. But then she makes it hilarious when Pinkie said that it won’t be the same if she only said she won’t drink, but had to ask for it and be denied. This led to some of the funniest lines from Rarity I had ever had the pleasure of reading. The standoff between Rarity and Twilight Sparkle was funny. But it was the standoff between Rarity and Applejack that made it truly unforgettable. The twist at the end was pretty chuckle-worthy too.

This story is more adult than I expected, but it was nowhere as creepy as some fans take it and the whole story itself was hilarious. Even Big Mac shows up and has some wonderful lines and characterization. I might go back just to read his stuff again. All in all, I give it a worth reading and hope you give it a quick glance.


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