Uncertain Sun

Something that I originally wrote for a poetry contest on Writing.com. I hope you like it.


The sun rose to peek at me
It glared into my eyes
It watched me slowly wake
It pulled its blanket over again

I groused as I got ready
I groused when it began to rain
Lightning gave me the message
I would not go out today

Or maybe I was being in haste
The storm wore itself thin
Soon after breakfast was past
The sun tried to come out again

It still hid behind its veil
As it watched me settle at my desk
I must have bored it though



Another one. Both are originally for contests. Most did not win. I had a real bad time with spelling before Grammarly. Even worse that now.

The darkness of night has started
The light of the sun has parted
The chill of winter has set in

How slow the hours crawl
How deep the shadows fall
The watch for the sun begun

But look! Hope is still here
Up in the sky now so near
The stars still bright and clear

It went away again


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