Book Review-Gathering Blue

Gathering Blue Written by Lois Lowry

A sequel to The Giver, it tells the story of a girl who has a bad leg, forced to learn to live on her own in a very brutal world. After losing her Mother, the last living relative, and last guardian, she finds herself challenged for the right to even continue to survive in the village, because of her disability. And in their world, if you have any kind of disability then you are going to die. You are not seen as having any value at all. But She is also strong, and clever, and has a talent in her strong, capable fingers that might not only end up saving her life but give her status enough to ensure comfort and useful work that she never dreamed of. But what would the price for that life be? And would she be willing to pay that price?

Lois Lowry did it again. This masterful writer once again invites us to an immersive world, that unlike the Giver, does not even pretend to be utopian. It is not friendly, it is savage, and the environment turned the people as savage as the world around them is known to be. Yet nothing is what it seems to be. And the twists and turns of the simple yet deep story will leave you guessing. Well, for the most part. There is a twist that happens near the end that I saw coming a mile away. But for the target



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