Book Review-The Giver

The Giver

Written by Lois Lowry

The book, The Giver, is a young adult fantasy novel about a seemingly utopian world. But when the main character got his job as Reciever, his whole world was turned upside-down. And he slowly found out that the perfect, serene world that he lived in was not at all what he had expected it to be. But what can he do about it? What would happen to him, if he dares to fix it? I was entranced when I first read this treat of a book. I first started reading it, when I saw it on the list of books, 150 book list, that was on the webpage, Level Up Live. It is a great site, by the way! One of many that allow you to gamify your life. But I will write a review of that later. When I read it, I thought at first that it would not be that great, but I looked it up at the library, ready to give it a chance for the points mostly. See, if I had remembered another book, A Summer to Die by the same author, I would not have been so nervious about reading this one. But again, the review on that book will be soon. I didn’t make the connection at first, and more shame to me. Also more shame to me for ever doubting the worth of this book. I cannot recomend it enough. the characters are wonderful. The setting is wonderful, the pacing, the story, the plot, all are completely wonderful, and wonderfully engaging. Written in sweet yet dark, and completely simple language, it is also a short read. Even slower readers would probably finish it in two or three days. I know I was a little let down at the end. It came too quickly for me. I wanted to live in the book a while longer. But it was amazing, and I give it an Ultamate Recommendation. Read it! As soon as you can. Don’t wait, go now!


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