Little Men (1940)

Little Men (1940)


An interesting take, to say the least, The movie, Little men, was made in the nineteen forties and was loosely based on the book of the same name by Louisa May Alcott. And when I say loosely, I really mean loosely. The movie was written by Jim Beaver. It was directed by Norman Z. McLeod, and included such actors as Kay Francis(Jo), Jack Oakie(Willie), George Bancroft(Major) and Jimmy Lydon(Dan).

It follows a con man, Major Burdle, and a thief, Willie the Fox, as they try to learn to live clean lives for the sake of the con’s adopted son, Dan. The Blais in the meantime, are threatened with losing Plumfield and take in Dan to be taught because the board of education demanded he is put into school.

And there you have a number of problems right away. They re-wrote almost everything in the whole book. Most of the characters from the book are glossed over, the ones that are not are not portrayed very well. And forget the fact that Plumfield was left to Jo in the will of Aunt March, and is therefore owned by the Blairs!

But if you forget what the movie is said to be based on and treat its own thing, it’s okay. It is definately funny, as the crooks add a lot of humor and pathos to the story. And I really liked Jo and the Proffessor in this. Dan is a little off, but acceptable over all.  Nan is fun, and is the closes to her book portrayal, though too old.

Overall, a cute movie and I give it a worth watching.


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