Book Review- The Louisa May Alcott Cookbook

Book Review


The Louisa May Alcott Cookbook


It is hard to believe that a child wrote this, but it is definitely the truth. When Gretchen Anderson was nine, she began adapting recipes for the food mentioned in Little Women, and Little Men. It is an ambitious project, but one she done with skill, from what I have read.


There are many favorites in here, such as apple pie, gingerbread, and omelets. Most of the stories and excerpts before the recipes are fun to read, and the recipes themselves are clear and easy to read. The art is great. Karen Milone has a deft touch with creating truly great work that brings out a nostalgic beauty in everyday acts.


However I had found some inaccuracies, easily brushed aside when you recall the age of the author and cook. However, I found it limiting that only two books, three if you count Jo’s Boys, was represented in a book claiming to be about Alcott’s work. But I don’t mind so much, as it is giving me an idea for an updated version!
This is a great cookbook for anyone just learning, or want to do something with a Little women theme in mind. It is witty, and the art by Karen Milone is perfect for it. Check out a copy for yourself, and prepare to make some tasty ‘Little Women’ inspired food.


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