Balancing Passion and Responsibility

I won’t tell how to do this. I still am working on it. And have not gotten very far, I fear. It is hard. When you feel like you are meant to do one thing, yet society tells you your priorities should me be something else entirely. I, like Jo, can ‘sink into a vortex’ when I get into my writing, and almost seeme to need nothing from the outside when I am hard at work. However, I can’t stay long in that ‘vortex’, and I feel that if Jo was in our world, she would have a hard time getting any work done, since the family was poor and she would be most likely encouraged to have two or three jobs.

I currently have two jobs, and hopefully will be starting school again. I am looking for a better job, and of course I have chores, the evil necessity of paperwork, and the vital work of church and religious life. And I want to be a writer and artist. No, let me rephrase that. I need to create. It hurts if I don’t for too long. But real life fights with my inner creative life, and neither alow me much peace.

I feel as though I am doomed no matter which road I go on. So let me put the question out to you readers. How do you balance your lifelong passion, with the responsibilities you currently face. Let me know in comments, or e-mail me at


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